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Student Loans – No Statute of Limitations

It is commonly believed there is no statute of limitations for student loans. But when is a loan just too old to be actionable? Advertisements

International Creditor Collections pose interesting question of Jurisdiction

International Creditor Collections pose interesting question of Jurisdiction.

International Creditor Collections pose interesting question of Jurisdiction

With International trade increasing exponentially, especially with China, there is an increase in the request for collections against US companies who haven’t paid. But if a creditor is strictly foreign, there is a dilema in filing a collection action in the creditors name directly. It is generally preferable to have the foreign creditor assign the … Continue reading

E-filing is not great for all

The new e-filing system of the Orange County Superior Court requires all civil case filings be done by an intermediary. They charge extra fees for the handling. The system also now requires payment of court filing fees by Credit Card of ACH. Again there are added fees that the litigants must pay. Law firm billing … Continue reading

Deposition Times now limited in California

Effective January 1, 2013, California switches to the Federal rules model (FRCP 30) which limits Depositions to 1 day and maximum 7 hours. To get additional time, either the court must grant individual leave to take a longer deposition or identify the case as “complex”. Complex cases generally take longer, have more requirements and add … Continue reading

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